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Bike Fitting

Basic Bike Fitting

$125.00 x 60 min

Every rider should have the opportunity to undergo a proper bike fit.
  We believe in this so much that we offer a basic bike fit using Retul technology. We use the same technology as the Performance package.

Part of the joy of cycling is being comfortable, staying healthy, and, of course, going faster.

This fit will help you ensure proper saddle height, bar height, and stem position.

  We DO NOT address cycling form or biomechanics. Your cleat position is set to neutral versus our more extensive approach during the Performance service.

Our fitter will spend 1 hour with you ensuring proper size, basic cycling position, and answering any questions you might have.

There are NO free follow-ups with this service.

  Any adjustments will be billed at $50 per 30 minutes. If you want a more comprehensive approach, it is best to check out our Performance and Elite packages.

Performance Bike Fitting

$275.00 x 150 min

  • Ideal for those looking for a comprehensive fit that covers every aspect.

      If you are experiencing pain, saddle discomfort, numbness, or have injuries, this is the fit for you. Athletes seeking performance gains, improved aerodynamics, and confirmation of bike setup are also ideal candidates for this service.

    Each Performance Fit is an individualized 2-hour bike fit coaching session.

      We not only address your bike fit but also review form and mechanics. What's included:

      Initial rider review and goals
      Current fit assessment
      Biomechanics assessment
      Custom cleat adjustment
      Before and after review of adjustments with a complete explanation of changes
      Copy of bike measurements and review of bike sizing, equipment & bike purchase assistance
      Free follow-ups for 90 days
      No hidden fees, no affiliation with bike brands, and no high-pressure sales. We just sell our top-rated fit services.

    Check out add-on features below to customize your experience.