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Here is just a small sampling of some of our happy customers, and how they feel about UBC in their own words...

Oh, and if you have had an experience with UBC that you'd like to share - good or not-so-good - feel free to enter your testimonial

(Note: Depending on the number of responses, we might not be able to post your comments immediately).

Roberto C of Spring Hill FL writes:

I was there for a bike fitting recently. I am very pleased with the results. Manny took the time and went out of his way to get me the right measures. The fitting has help me because the pains and cramps I was suffering before are now gone.

Edwin P of Tampa, FL writes:

Manny: Thanks for taking the time and detail on helping me with my fitting. I can tell how it improved my position and made more aero. Everyone should get a fitting! Edwin P.

Juan M of Lithia, FL writes:

Manny - I have been fitted for bikes before and no one has ever gone into such detail as your shop. I have been cycling for years and probably needed some of the adjustments your shop made for a long time. I definitely noticed I have more power pedaling and feel more comfortable on my bike. Thanks again for such a great job! UBC rocks!

Juan M of usa writes:

MANNY; gracias por el fitting, mecientoto como nuevo.con mas fuerza y mas comodo esto fue lo mejor que yo pude te agradece mucho.

Juan M of usa writes:

MANNY; gracias por el fitting, mecientoto como nuevo.con mas fuerza y mas comodo esto fue lo mejor que yo pude te agradece mucho.

Mark S of Tampa writes:

I just recently had a bike fitting at UBC. The day before the fitting I did the Horrible-Hundred with Manny@UBC and literally like 5 minutes before the ride I told Manny I just bought new cleats. He took a look at my shoes and noticed they were not fitted correctly. He made a quick adjustment and I was off (with a minute to spare). I immediately felt the difference; I didn?t have any numbness (in you know where) over the 100mile ride. Excited about that I scheduled a fitting with Manny. Still before the fitting I didn't think I had any huge fitting problems other than the cleat adjustment Manny did. But I was game to see if I could improve, well Manny made some pretty significant changes and immediately on the trainer I felt the difference. Manny also took the time to teach about how to effectively pedal to maximize the power with each spin. After the fitting I did a quick 20 mile ride, the fitting improved my power and cadence in my higher gears. No other bicycle store I?ve been to has this kind of personal care for their customers.

Thanks Manny, Caliche and all the guys at UBC. 

Pete A of Riverview, FL writes:

I've driven Manny, and his staff crazy for years. They are so knowledgable, and helpful!

When it was time to get a new TT bike, I wouldn't consider buying it anywhere but UBC!

I LOVE my Cannondale SLICE, and the attention that UBC has given me and my bike.


Jake of Pittsburgh writes:

I called up about the fit of some shoes and the sales rep happened to have the same size shoe as me and actually went and tried a pair of shoes on to let me know how well they would fit. Thanks Jason!

Andres of Palm Harbor, Fl writes:

Ben has the best customer service skills and is always willing to help out. Best experience I have ever had buying anything over 500 bucks.

Pamela M of Tampa, FL writes:

I have been a customer for many years. I recently upgraded my Cannondale Gemini to a Lexi 100. I loved my Gemini and wasn't sure I wanted a new bike, yet it was time. The staff at UBC were helpful and took the time to find out exactly what type of bike would be best for me. I love my Lexi! I recommend UBC as the place to go for your biking needs.

Trent S of Franklin, TN writes:

Guys, I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service. My 10 year old boys are biking their tails off now. I still don't know how you managed to send perfectly tuned bikes through the mail, but I really appreciate it. I'll just treat it like magic until someone disproves it. My next order will be forthcoming.

Bob F of Lafayette,NJ writes:

I live in New Jersey,I come once a year to vacation and be with relatives,I have a Cannondale store near me and of course your store,both carry the professionalism that is needed today.Keep up the excellent customer relations, I will be back!

Chuck He of Brooklyn, NY writes:

My purchase with UBC shattered what i expected from a online retailer by far. Jason from the internet sales department went above and beyond for my bike and I'm very grateful from start to end. I will definitely shop from UBC again.

Carlos Eduardo Aguiar of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil writes:

I am very happy with my purchase - I will buy again. The staff exceeded my expectations. 

Chris and Mai of Savannah, GA writes:

UBC is the best bike shop I've come across. I bought two bikes from them and all the accessories. The customer service was awesome. The entire staff was very passionate and truly cared about making sure that we got exactly what we wanted. They explained all the different options, and are very knowledgeable about the science behind the entire sport. They have great prices and are are a real stand-up group, they help you get the best equipment for you and your needs, and are not concerned with selling the most expensive options. Mai and I will definitely be heading to UBC for any of our biking needs! It was a pleasure working with all of your staff!!

John F of Redwood City, CA writes:

Hi I want to commend you on your service. Manny did a great job taking my phone order and the follow up from internet sales was great.

Also I like that you use recycled packaging.

Nice job! Happy Holidays!

Thanks, John

Gregg of New York, NY writes:

What I appreciated the most was the customer support I received. Jason was knowledgeable, accommodating, and helped me make the right purchase. To boot, your prices are very competitive. Thanks for a great LBS style experience.

Charlie of Tampa, FL writes:

I was having difficulty with my exercise routine due to knee pain. My routine consisted of running and weight training. Although I love to run, my knees were hating it. My wife recommended that we consider getting a bicycle that I would be able to use for exercise. I shopped all over the city and couldn?t find anyone that was as helpful as Manny at University Bicycle Center. A young man at his shop helped me to pick just the right bike that was within my price range and fitted me perfectly. After a just a short period of time riding my new bike, I noticed a major change in the health of my knees. I able to run again without pain and increase the amount of my cardio workout substantially. I have been able to ride with Manny and the rest of the group from UBC in San Antonio and have truly enjoyed it. Manny is a great teacher and he has helped me to become stronger on my rides. The biggest change came when I went through the VO2 analysis. I was able to find the perfect range to keep my heart rate when I ride and it?s made a huge difference in my weight loss. Thank you Manny and the rest of your team at UBC. Charlie

Juan C. of Jacksonville FL writes:

It was September 2009, My best friend Jose B. came up with the ridiculous idea for us to participate in the Longleaf triathlon. I say ridiculous since I was overweight, depressed and haven?t moved a muscle for years. He insisted so much that 2 weeks before the event I finally said yes just to shut him off. I had no bike and no training. Jose asked Manny from UBC for his help and got back to me saying: ?nothing to worry, I have a bike waiting for you?. The day came and we participated. I could barely get out of the bike as I have never biked like that and was so out of shape. My friends, the event and the exercise changed my life!

I started jogging (couldn?t do more than 1 mile) and continued swimming. I started feeling better but something was missing: the bike. I did not have a bike. I asked Jose for advise and he went back to Manny. I did my research on the internet and at the end decided face-to-face buying was a better idea as I knew fitting is very important. I drove all the way from Jacksonville, FL and spent an entire afternoon looking, asking and trying the different bikes. Manny was nothing short of the best, most well informed bike salesman I?ve ever known (even till today). He had the patience of showing someone that had ZERO clue on any bike related topics from the most basic issues to the more complex ones. Shapes, angles, geometry, difference on components, weight, aerodynamics, sitting position, comfort and above all the importance of fitting. Manny took the time to personally property fit me. I left the store very happy and satisfied. I was treated as a valued customer and with respect. That day in December 2009 marked the beginning of a new healthier lifestyle.

i started pedaling and pedaling and joining a local group for group rides. I jump in time and so far I have lost 40 pounds, my body has changed and have gained tons of friends and boost my confidence and best of all: bye-bye depression!

Till this day, I tried to escape to Tampa to join Manny and the UBC friends for the rides at San Antonio. Manny once again, helps everyone of all different skill levels. What else can I say: the store superb space, well stocked and the help from everyone is above anything else I?ve seen. The repair shop, maintenance/tune up department is huge and filled with very skilled employees.

I got nothing even close to bad about UBC, Manny, his family or his employees. They are the best and the reason they?ve been in business all these years. They are an INSTITUTION in Tampa.

I will keep driving from Jacksonville to UBC for all my bike issues and to ride in San Antonio when possible.

Thanks UBC


Juan C., MD

Transplant Critical Care

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Eli D. S. of Luray, VA writes:

I called UBC on Saturday and spoke with Carlos. His attention to the customer was in my opinion superb. He not only educated me on my many choices but pointed out the benefits/drawbacks of each.

It was a pleasure dealing with UBC, with reps like this I'm certain to come back.

As a retail manager I value my customer's opinions of the service we provide, because they directly affect the bottom line. Thought I let you know about his excellent service.


Bruce S. of Tampa, FL writes:

September 1, 2010

University Bicycle Center 1220 East Fletcher Avenue Tampa, Florida 33612


The point of this brief note is obvious. Please know that I rarely write this kind of letter and that I do so only for good reasons.

The University Bicycle Center is not only the best in the Tampa Bay area; it is the best bicycle shop I have ever patronized. The line of products, staff, service department and prices are excellent, but the remarks that follow have to do with remarkable and gratifying customer service.

Last Friday, August 27, I drove to the University Bicycle Center with a defective pair of Specialized road shoes that I had bought about a year ago. I did not have my receipt and was simply curious to know whether defective stitching constituted a factory defect. I spoke first to Jacob, and he immediately asked Carlos whether there was a remedy for my problem. Within fifteen minutes and a telephone call or two, Carlos let me know that he would replace the shoes on the spot, and that was that. Jacob, who is always cordial and who patiently answers all of my questions, attached my cleats to the new shoes, and with that this part of the story ends, but there is more.

I have never experienced such a thoughtful and painless transaction anywhere else. Competing shops, as well as other retail stores, would do very well to take a lesson from the University Bicycle Center. The management and staff do not merely announce that they care about customer satisfaction; they show that they mean just what they say. As pleased as I am with my new shoes, as well as with everything else that I have bought at UBC, I am no less pleased with the entire visit. To put all of this briefly and in a word that has passed out of common use, the University Bicycle Center is ?swell.?

I wish the UBC and everyone connected to it all the best in the years ahead. You can be certain that I will continue to be a loyal customer and that I will recommend this shop to anyone who plans to acquire a new bicycle, components or repairs.


Bruce S., Professor Emeritus

James Cote of Valrico, FL writes:

Here's my experience. I was in the middle of training for the 6 Gap Century and rode a lot with Manny and his UBC crew as they were the only ones my schedule could marry up with. They were very friendly and Manny was always eager and willing to share his knowlege and advice. More to the point, I rode the Assault on Sugarloaf which was a century ride for me and I was unable to ride the last 25 miles due to severe cramping.

When Manny heard this he recommended the Hammer Sustained Energy which I purchased from them and used at 6 Gap a week later. To put this in perspective, 6 Gap is easily 4 times more intense than the Sugarloaf ride and using his product I was able to survive the ride without the slightest hint of cramping despite my legs being stressed to there limits. I would absolutely recommend this product for any rider or ride where you may need that extra push. Thanks, Manny and the UBC team.

Jose B. of Tampa, FL writes:

I was able to finish a cycling event of Mayor endurance call La Vuelta a Puerto Rico.It is a 391 miles in 3 days, with over 8500 feet of climbing. Once I accomplish this I spoke with Manny Mirabal, my friend from UBC and told him that I think that after this I deserved a nice top of the line road bike. He recommended the Kuota Kult with SRAM Red componets. He spent a great deal of time fitting me into the ride position. I can only say WOW!! What a difference a good professional fitting do to your performance in the bike. I am happier than ever on my new bibycle. The neck and shoulder pain of long rides has completely gone. I can do 60 to 100 miles and still feel good on my bicycle. No matter if you get a top of the line bike or just want an entry level one, the right fit for your bicycle makes all the differnce. I have told fellow cyclist to stop by UBC and do a new fitting, and they are surprise how they got much better because they were never fitted right to begin with. If you love cycling like I do or are considering getting into the sport,please follow my advised and get your bicycle new or used to UBC and the difference will be noticed immediately.

Jos B., MD

Charlie M of Tampa, FL writes:

Manny, I just wanted to thank you for the great time on Saturday. I haven?t experienced that level of success since I began riding over a year and a half ago. I am feeling much stronger and I wasn?t too sore the following day. You are a great encouragement to the people that you ride with. God bless you and your family. Best regards, Charlie M. Meeks

Charlie M. Meeks, CPA, CVA Managing Partner

Steve D of Port Orange, Fl writes:

Jason Daniels in the internet sales dept. was one of the most helpful bike enthusiasts I have ever met. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help me remedy my saddle situation. He put me in direct contact with Dave Bunce from ISM Saddles and Dave helped me choose the right saddle for my needs. Jason followed up with me afterwards to make sure I got what I needed, handled the return with NO HASSLES and has been great to work with every time I order something from UBC. I have local shops that don't want to lift a finger to help you unless you buy a $7000 carbon bike from them...sorry customer service to say the least. Not so with UBC, I can't wait until I move back to the area in a year or so and buy a new full carbon bike from them in person.

Rick B of Lithia writes:

UBC = Customer Satisfaction. Manny took the time to answer my questions in great detail also performed a fitting for my daughter and myself, After our bikes had been "setup" by another shop. Even though it is 38 miles one way for me to go to UBC I am so satified that I will gladly make the trip for my bicycle needs. Thank You Rick B.

Robbie of Tampa writes:

Manny took the time to fit me to the bike other bike shops never did that a very pleasant experience I will buy again and again THANKS Robbie Johnson a+++++++++++

Brad Culpepper of Tampa, FL writes:


Thank you for the quick turnaround on my bike repair. Your staff was very courteous and efficient. I live in south Tampa but am very unsatisfied with the bike shop affiliated with the area. Because of your great service, I?ll gladly make the trip up to Fletcher for any future repairs and/or purchases. Congratulations on 38 years, your bike shop is second to none in Tampa.

Sincerely, Brad Culpepper

Ron Z of Tampa, FL writes:

I had the first real test of the new bike after the 'fitting.' This bike flies!

I led the B+ Group for the SWAMP Club yesterday. Everyone complimented me on the great ride and working them hard. The funny thing is, I raised my average over the 23 miles that we rode from about 11.2 miles per hour last month to about 12.5 miles an hour this time, and it was less work for me.

This bike flies!

Also, the issues with my lower back have gone away. Thanks again for all of your help.

Stacy J of Tampa, FL writes:

Manny, Thank you for all of your help. I have told everyone this side of the bay about you all! The bike is fantastic and the NEW SEAT is awesome!! My bottom bits thank you!! It made all the difference in my ride. Well, the bike did too!!

Richard Freeman of Norfolk, VA writes:

Service was excellent and they were very good at keeping me informed on the progress on my order. I recommend highly!

Richard of Tampa, FL writes:

I just picked up my bike from the service department. They did a great job and the price was right. Everyone was friendly and professional. I live a fair distance from the shop, but you can bet I'll be back. Good job!

Jason B of Oxnard, Ca writes:

I purchased a BMX Cruiser from UBC and from the time I received it I was impressed. They shipped it to me mostly pre-assembled, so when I took it out of the box I was riding 10 minutes later. Their price was extremely reasonable and shipping didn't bust my budget either. Their online customer service staff was very helpful to asking what style of riding I do to put me on the bike I really needed in the style I wanted. I have been riding for many years and have purchased many bikes and this by far was the best experience I have had.

SJ of Tampa, Fl writes:

I took kids bike for a minor repair. It was handled very neat..15min wait time..reasonable prices ..and over all nice customer of service is 09/17/2009. Thanks much..

Pat of Land O Lakes, Florida writes:

I had my 2008 Titus Racer X Carbon custom built by UBC. My hat goes off to the entire staff. Specifically I would like to mention Art who not only did a fantastic job building the most beautiful bike I have ever had, but genuinely treated it as if it were his own! If that weren't enough, he also showed me some of his tricks of the trade along the way. Thanks a million Art... I'll definitely be back to UBC.

Steve of Tucson, AZ writes:

I wanted to let you know I received the bicycle you packed and shipped to Tucson... It arrived in excellent time and condition. Thanks for the shipment and follow-up call you made... I'll be sure to recommend your shop.

Michael M of Tampa, FL writes:

Hi Jason!

I want to thank you for your help in making my road bike purchase an enjoyable experience. People like you are very hard to find these days. With your guidance and sincere attention, I ended up with a beautiful bicycle with all the bells and whistles that come with it!

I wish you the best of luck with your education and career.

Nick C of San Diego writes:

These folks were AWESOME!!!

The bike is WAY better than I imagined - A small issue with the shipping was taken care of without a problem

Jason helped me through this transaction from front to back with enthusiasm which is a nice change from some of the attitude I've got in the past

Thanks Folks!!!

Robyn of Tampa writes:

I'd just like to tell you how much I enjoyed Saturday's clinic and how useful it was. I went on a ride with the Florida Freewheelers on Sunday, not sure if I did 42 or 46 miles, but it was at a faster pace than I am used to (28 miles before the first break, at 18-20 mph). I used the cornering and rotational paceline skills we worked on, also the soft pedaling and tapping the brakes gently. I kept my front gear in the smaller gear for most of the ride, conserved a lot of strength that way. I'd also like to thank the sponsors who help fund this session, by donating supplies and lunch. The University Bike Center and Chipotle Grill are to be commended for their generosity and support of the biking community. I hope they are able to continue to support you in your work. If you could send me their emails, or forward this to them, I'd appreciate it. Thank you again. Robyn Weinbaum

Sanden of Germany writes:

A real good partner to make business even overseas, fast shipping, good conditions, nice contact...everything is perfect, thanks a lot

ron b. of Holiday, FL writes:

All my purchases have been either over the phone or in person, so I can't comment on a web purchase; however, I can't say enough GREAT things about UBC. There are several shops that are a lot closer to my house, but I've always (since day one) been treated extremely well by the guys from UBC. Great Shop, Great Owners, Great Crew!

Thank you very much UBC Crew!

ron b.

Matt L of Tampa, FL writes:


I wanted to take a minute to thank you for taking some time out of your busy day to talk with me about routes for the Ride Without Limits Event.

I have been working hard with Kelsey and the steering committee to make this years event bigger and better than last year. I appreciate all of the support that UBC gave the event last year. The Jersey that you did for the event last year is one of my favorites.

The event last year was a turning point in my life. The hills made me realize just how out of shape I was and I started to get serious about my weight. I also saw how much work it takes to put on one of these events and how much support is needed from the community which is why I made sure to send you the email about your great service. I hope the email about the Adamo seat and your wonderful service has helped sell some seats and get some loyal customers. I just wish you were the first bike shop I had found in Tampa.

You and everyone at UBC are great to deal with!


Matt L

Brad C of Tampa, FL writes:


Thank you for the quick turnaround on my bike repair. Your staff was very courteous and efficient. I live in south Tampa but am very unsatisfied with the bike shop affiliated with the area. Because of your great service, I?ll gladly make the trip up to Fletcher for any future repairs and/or purchases. Congratulations on 37 years, your bike shop is second to none in Tampa.


Brad C

Mary N of Tampa, FL writes:

Manny Mirabal and the Folks at UBC (University Bicycle Center) Thank You, Thank You so much for your Sponsorship in Tampa Bay's Fittest Female!!! The turn out was excellent. Together with Shapes Total Fitness for Women and Whiskey North, you/we raised $6,643 for The Humane Society of Tampa Bay!!! That is $1400 more than UBC helped raise for this worthy cause at last year's TBFF event. Manny, it is because of folks like you and your organization that the Tampa Bay Community is able to get the help it needs for so many charity projects. Shapes really appreciates ALL that you do for us; and with us; AND...for the COMMUNITY!!!

Thanks Again. In Fitness and Peace... Mary Hrvatin-Nash Advertising & Marketing Shapes Total Fitness for Women

Matt L of Tampa, FL writes:

The bike upgrades exceeded my expectations! Your service department was great. I am amazed how much quicker the bike spins up. The closer gear spacing and higher top end with the 11-21 cassette is nice. On the first day I rode with all the new parts, I was in the small chain ring riding comfortably at 19 and spun up to 28 without even standing up to sprint.

Thanks Matt

Alonso M of Alpe D' Huez writes:

From: Alonso Subject: From Tourmalet & Alpe D'Huez To:

Hi Manny: As promised here are the pictures....thanks for your technical suggestions. Local riders were curious about my set-up. They use triple-ring only. Needless to say the climbing was extremely tough, especially Alpe D'Huez. Sincerely, Alonso Mesa

Tammy K of Tampa, FL writes:

Hi Manny,

Without University Bike Center, Team Pricewaterhouse Coopers could not have been the great success we were this year bringing it home for the 2008 BikeMS. Your sponsorship helped us raise a stunning $70,743 (by last count) to fight Multiple Sclerosis. Team PwC wants to express our appreciation and let you know how much UBC has helped:

The Green Iguana event coordinated by Frank Krieger and Dennis Gauvin with the Greg Billings band was an unprecedented success. For this event, I think we had just about as much fun as you can have on this side of the law :-). Your contribution of a bike and gift certificates really drove the raffle ticket sales through the roof. Because of your help, these guys were able to contribute an amazing $3,082 to the PwC pot.

After you generosity with Frank and Dennis, Catie Zoller and I were exceptionally pleased that you were also willing to sponsor a bike and gift certificates for the raffle for our event. We all had an amazing time at Laugh for a Cure from the moment we walked into the SideSplitters Comedy Club. Looking around at the audience during the show, I saw people laughing so hard it looked like they were about to fall off their chairs. Including comedy show tickets, raffle tickets, and the karaoke challenge, we brought in more than $1,500 for MS. We really appreciate your support so much! Finally, your sponsorship absolutely encouraged our new team members to explore all the bike options, gear, and routes our cycling community enjoys. I can't remember how many times I heard folks say how impressed they were with the knowledge of your staff and the wide selection of bikes and gear UBC offers. We hope that you found our partnership to be as beneficial for you as it was for us.

A special thanks goes out to you, Manny, for making your shop a warm and welcome place to come to. That you love cycling, working with the cycling community, and everything to do with bicycles comes through loud and clear every time we speak. Keep doing what you are doing and we will all be sure to continue coming back for more!

Muchas Gracias!

Tammy Knoll-Anderson

Doug U of TX writes:

Dear MANNY, We wanted you to be the first to know ? it's true.

There are times in life when the game changes, when you look at the world differently and you know you must do what's right.

So, once again, Lance is changing the game. Today, it's still not about the bike. It's about people, their families and friends fighting the greatest fight of their lives ? both in the U.S. and around the world. It's about straight and open talk about cancer, breaking the silence and eliminating the stigma and discrimination survivors experience. It's about a moral obligation to fight this disease no matter who or where it strikes with everything we've got.

The LIVESTRONG Army's commitment and dedication has started a movement to change cancer policy, research funding and access to care ? a fight we must all commit to continue. We cannot stop now. We must increase our efforts and work to make cancer not only a national priority, but a global priority as well. Together, we can help inspire and empower the millions of people affected by cancer worldwide.

Now more than ever, we need you to join us. Whether you make a gift, join the LIVESTRONG Army or consider the presidential candidates' cancer plans before you vote, you will make an important impact on the future of cancer.

Read the official statement or watch a video message to the LIVESTRONG Army from Lance in his own words.

Thank you for all you do to support our efforts.


Doug Ulman LAF President and CEO

Leigh P of Tampa,FL writes:

Leigh Paris - " I'm gonna love exploring Tampa with my new bike" '08 Specialized Globe Elite

Tom K of Des Plaines, IL writes:

Great Job...Jason in Internet Sales///Thanks

Jeremiah S of Reno, NV writes:

Hello! This message is directed in particular at Joey Sacco who assisted me a few months ago with a transaction for a saddle I purchased from UBC, the Adamo Racing Saddle.

Just wanted to let you guys know the saddle has been working out great and say thanks again to Joey for his outstanding commitment to customer service.

Keep up the good work UBC. You will be a company I do business with in the future and recommend to my friends.

You can thank great people like Joey Sacco for your success and may you have many more years of it.

Sincerely, Jeremiah S

Melissa J of New York, NY writes:

I just wanted to thank UBC for my new bicycle. It arrived safely in GREAT shape! It's a beauty!

Thanks again!



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